Hey Guys,

This is just a regular outfit of the day post. I wore this to school to teach in. It was a very comfy outfit to wear, but I got a couple of compliments on it (on my lipstick and my new boots, courtesy of Torrid), and I felt pretty good in it! I noticed my students checking out my style too, so that was nice! What do you guys think?

Tunic – Winners/Tights and Bracelets – Forever 21+/Boots – Courtesy of Torrid/Briefcase – Liz Claibourne via The Bay/Necklace – Tiffany & Co.
These are the fabulous new over-the-knee suedette boots Torrid sent to me. The colour looks a little funny in this picture. It’s just the light. They’re black… See below.
I added this one so you could see my new lipstick shade – So Chaud by MAC. Love it!

Many thanks to Torrid for the awesome boots! What do you guys think of the lipstick shade? It’s really orange-y and awesome. I saw another blogger, Fat Aus, wearing it, and I just had to grab it, so when I had my 6 empties, I went down to MAC and traded them in for this! It’s not a shade for the faint of heart, that’s for sure! Stay tuned for a post on where to find awesome hallowe’en costumes in plus sizes! I should be writing that in the next couple of days.