We FINALLY did it guys!!! After 2 and a half years, we are now FINALLY able to offer our same selection of clothes… get ready for this… for ***HALF*** of our regular prices… PERMANENTLY!!!!!!! Happy Shopping Ladies!!!

When I was a teenager, plus size clothes in Canada were SOOO EXPENSIVE!!!

It was really hard to find anything cute that came in my size that was also in my part-time salary budget. I would search and search through thrift stores, discount department stores, and depressing, dusty strip mall stores, and everything I would find in my size was matronly, boxy, terribly made, and had a horrible print or some hideous bedazzling on it.

I would go home in tears because I couldn’t find anything at all to wear, and the next day I would ravenously search through hordes of clothes at the skinny girl stores, hoping beyond hope that I would find something (ANYTHING!) that was oversized or stretchy enough to work on my body. I always came home empty handed and completely demoralized by the whole experience.

I WANT TO MAKE SURE that no other plus size teen ever needs to go through this again!!! It’s horrible – I know from experiencing it first-hand!!!

I want EVERYONE to be able to shop at my store, Your Big Sister’s Closet!!! So I just cut all the prices in my store, permanently, both online and in-store, so that beautiful fashion can be more accessible for people of all budgets!!! How exciting is that???

WELCOME TO THE ***NEW*** Your Big Sister’s Closet!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some of our new pieces! I’m so excited about them!!!!

Paisley Kimono – One Size – $40

Blue Chiffon Tank, Sizes 1X-3X, $35

Red Flowy Tunic with Ruched Straps, Sizes XL and XXL (14-22), $40
Jersey Coral Tulip Dress, Sizes XL and XXL (14-22), $40
Cream Lace Skirt, Sizes 1X-3X, $35

Oversized Chiffon Midriff Top, One Size, $40

Blue Peplum Dress, Sizes 2X-4X (fits 18-26), $30

Taupe Jersey Tulip Dress, Sizes XL and XXL (14-22)

Pink Swing Dress, Sizes XL and XXL, $40

Cream Swing Dress, Sizes XL and XXL (14-22), $40

Aqua Architectural Tunic, Sizes XL and XXL (14-22), $45

Black Chiffon Kimono, One Size, $40

Palm Leaf Kimono, One Size, $40

Emerald Jersey Tulip Dress, Sizes XL and XXL, $40

Striped Envelope Hem Dress, Sizes 1X-3X, $40

Coral Swing Dress, Sizes XL and XXL (fits 14-22), $40

Teal Dress with Mesh Detail, Sizes 1X-3X, $35

Peach Chiffon Top with Lattice Back, Sizes 1X-3X, $30

Floral Kimono, Sizes 1X-3X, $28

Black and White Halter Dress, Sizes 1X-3X, $35

Boho Floral Tunic, Sizes 1X-3X, $35

Visit our store at 3126 Dundas Street West, Toronto, or Shop 24/7 online at yourbigsisterscloset.com!!!

I’m in LOVE with the palm leaf kimono!!!! Which piece is ***YOUR*** favourite?